I have always loved long natural hair.

I hated relaxers; they smelled bad and burned...
I had very long hair when I was a child, it came to the middle of my back and was VERY thick. But when I was 5 or 6 my mom gave me a relaxer to make it easier for her to do my hair because I had so much of it. The relaxer was cool for a while until I started going swimming around 7 or 8 and the chlorine and sun did MAJOR damage to my hair. From then on it was constantly in a broken down cycle.

My 7th grade year I had convinced my mom to let me grow my hair out of a relaxer through braids for the whole year. I wanted to wear my hair straight just one of my friends who was natural at school but by the time it was time for my hair to be trained my mom didn't want to straighten it and I had no idea what to do with it so I told her to put a relaxer back in my head.

The summer before my Junior year of High I had decided that I would grow my hair out again. I was spending the summer with my dad and his girlfriend was a professional stylist. So as I was in the transition of moving across the states from SC to CA, I wanted to transition my hair as well. This worked fine for a while....UNTIL I got to California and had no one to take care of my hair. "It's began to break off" my mom would tell me, and that I need to put a relaxer back in it. Naturally no one wants to be bald or have a head full of damaged hair so I agreed.

After graduated high school, I told myself that I didn't care who didn't want to help me or what others thought, I would grow my hair out on my own. And I did...
I'm a very talented braider...I can braid words in your hair and just about anything else. So I decided that I would braid my hair until it grew out. So for a year in a half I experimented with different couture hair styles, braids, and even got my first full weave and at the beginning of 2010 was finally ready to make my permanent transition from relaxed to natural.

This is my hair journey and I am finally me.
After taking out my weave and giving my hair a break for 3 months, I finally cut my last little bit of relaxer off. I was finally free, but little did I know that the next obstacle was understanding my hair texture and finding a hair regiment that worked for ME. For a while I did very well but didn't understand the concept of keeping moisture in my hair or HOW to do it. I would have globs of hair shedding when washed and after a day or two my hair would be very dry. I thought the only way I could re-fresh a curl pattern was to totally soak my hair and let it dry all over again like washing. It takes my hair way to long to air dry so would never re-moisturize.

After continuous research and style, I began to love my hair and learn what it needed from me. If I had known then what I know now, believe me!!! me hair would be down the middle of my back in these 3 short years. It is now almost bra strap length and I am proud to say that my hair is FULL, STRONG and HEALTHY and I'm learning something new ever day.