Finding Myself

Finding Myself

Finding myself has been a long and hard road. I remember when I started my journey in self-discovery several layers of emotional traumas came to the surface. I started to see that the things that I thought I was over and had forgotten was still impacting my life in very negative ways. One of the major steps for me to really get to the point where I felt free was to stop wearing weaves, wigs, hairpieces, etc. I didn't realize that shedding the hair and embracing my natural hair would help me to heal in more ways that I could imagine! So I am writing this blog to share my journey of healing with you and I hope that my journey will help others shed many layers and finally become FREE.

Losing Myself

11 months ago

Sometimes I feel like I'm losing myself in certain situations, but I've come to realize that losing myself is part of finding myself. So, it's not important that I lose myself, what's more important is that I find myself and hold on to the essence of who I am at the core as to never lose my center again; and yes, rocking my natural hair is part of holding on to myself. On a lighter note, I have been experimenting with braid outs and twist outs! Haven't got it to work yet but pictures coming soon!!!! Until next time my natural Divas! Dreams, Love & Curl Creams :-)

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