Big Chop Week 3

Ok ladies, I big chopped on 5/9/2014 (picture posted) for some reason I was very excited about shedding the fake hair and revealing who I was to the world. So I took out my weave and tossed all the wigs, wefted hair, ponytails, glue, needles, thread, etc. in the dumpster! It was liberating! It's like I took off the game face! fired the representative! In any case here I am 3 weeks later and I swear I see growth all ready! My picture is posted, am I seeing things or do you see growth too!  Maybe I'm just excited about my new lease on life! These last 3 weeks I have been experimenting with may products, so far I have found that wetting my hair with plain water a couple times a day works wonders! I've used curl puddings, curl creams, and oils and I am loving my hair right now! 

Ladies let me know what you think, I am an open book so feel free to comment! And by all means please share your expertise with me, I'm sure you ladies can teach me a lot. 

Until next time beautiful ladies! :-)

Love, Peace, & Hair Grease