My last relaxer was in May 2012. By August, it was time to get another one but instead I chose to go a different route. On August 24, 2012 my hair's journey to freedom began and I wrote the following:

It's Just a Fad!

On 8/24/12, I decided to “go natural.” For over a year now I have resisted the persuasion of friends and family who truly believe relaxers are evil. I also had my mother unwaveringly tell me that not using relaxers is just a trend. I have been using relaxers since age 2. Now I have decided that every hair journey is different and I want to know what is right for me.

Ignorance Isn't Bliss

I think this transition is more a story of overcoming ignorance than anything else. I have very coarse and thick hair, so a relaxer doesn’t do much damage to it. I could have long, straight, healthy hair with a relaxer. I want to stop using it to see what kind of curl pattern I have. I’m not doing the best job taking care of my hair now, so if I’m going to learn how, I might as well learn how to take care of the hair that grows out of my scalp before any chemicals touch it.

Healthy Inside and Out

I also want to be healthy inside and out. I can’t have a healthy body if I keep feeding my hair the equivalent of McDonalds, no offense to McDonalds. I am still figuring out what is right for my hair, the same way I am still figuring out what is right for my body. I’m not completely sold on this “going natural” phenomenon but I’m also dreading the burning sensation that comes from getting a relaxer. And although I’ve spent countless hours researching and am very excited about this transition, I’m not going to obsess about my hair. I’m just going to start with a consultation and see what happens from there.