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My name is Shelly, crazy naturalista with banging kinky hair and I LOVE it. Welcome to my blog and I hope I help and inspire somebody....anybody. I am also here to learn from you guys so share with me as well. We natural sistas aren't we. Follow my blog and on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @glamnaturallife

Glam Natural Life was created in Sept 2012 as a personal journal to document my natural hair journey. It later developed into an information blog that Black Women can come to for help with their natural hair and for motivation as they continue their hair journey as well.

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Are You Shampooing Natural Hair Properly?

Are You Shampooing Natural Hair Properly?

2 years ago

Are you shampooing your natural hair properly? How hard can it be though? Isn't it just wetting your hair, applying shampoo, rinsing and be done. Well, sorry to burst your bubble but that's a NO!Have you ever shampooed your hair but your scalp has white residue on it or your scalp do not feel or look clean? Well that's because you might not be doing this thing right. So how do you do it? 1. First, choose the right shampoo.Choose sulfate-free shampoos for routine washes. Shampoos containing sulfates can leave your hair brittle and dry - we don't want that. So choose a good shampoo that is ...