Kim Hill

Once upon a Time 

A stubborn girl who didn't take her moms haircare advise
twist at night, oils and proper moisture,the key to long rapunzel hair.
Instead she traveled along the road of hair diaster.
Hair dyes transforming her name into a short Goldy locks style.
Sea water damage,no moisture and texturizer that magically did not last long ! ..that was a mystery

Over time, her dark rich textured hair started to peek out 
along with the gold she created a natural ombre .
The Golden parts of her hair were damaged and lost the curl, but some parts would start to 
re-coil itself over a period of time. She also gave herself burns of heat damage that killed the curl. It was time for a ( hair cut ) In summer 2012.

Time pasted and her hair was regaining its strength. The coils and the luscious dark and curly look had returned, along with sun touch golden ends. Careless behaviour led to dry ends of what was left of the golden . Goldy Locks had reached a reasonable length, almost enough to imagine what her rapunzel like hair would look like. But unfortunately the ends were to weak and needed to die.

This resulted in a serious HAIR CHOP (January 2013) and a new year commitment, a challenge a goal !