I'm putting down my blow dryer, flat iron, curling irons and rocking my natural curls. This is long overdue decision for me...but you have to start somewhere right? Well, I decided at the end of Dec. 2013 that I would embrace what I was born with. Fighting against my hair takes too much time, damages it, and just basically all around not worth it.  I never got a perm, but for most of my life I had used the blow dryer or straightener.  Eventually in high school I started to dye my hair and used even more heat in my hair.  My goal for 2014 is to no longer use any kind of heat on my hair and slowly cut of the damaged dead ends.  I am only two weeks into transitioning my hair and Shea Moisture has been my go to hair line for products to use. All of their products are natural, and contain no harsh ingredients, and smell great.  My hair has already seen much improvement on softness and moisture in my hair.  This is only the beginning and I am excited for my journey back to healthy curly hair!