Happy Hair is Good Hair!

Happy Hair is Good Hair!

I'm just starting my journey in trying to make my hair the best.I don't know what type of hair I have yet cause it haven't grew that far yet.I'm looking forward to this journey!Love meeting new people so Follow me in taking my hair into its happy place!!

My Hair (2nd month)

3 years ago

Everyone calls me Kimmie Lou! Im 22 and Im starting my journey to natural happy hair.My last perm was Sep.13 of 2012.I'm not doing the big chop yet until my hair decides to grow out but I do have 2 inches of new growth already.I'm proud but kind of scared because I'm still doing research on what I need to do and learning of how to go to the next step.Advice from others will be helpful! Hope I will meet new people on my journey and we can have a good time!