I am a victim. I am a victim of using regular shampoo and regular conditioner. We've all thought that we need to shampoo our hair to be clean. We've all thought that Pantene and Herbal Essences actually improves our hair. You and I also victims where we've thought that straight hair and artificially curled hair are the only types of "good hair" and been at that point where we've hated the natural texture of our hair so much we've found ourselves straightening our hair more than what is needed because we didn't know what to do about is. I know that some of you are thinking that I never thought that for a minute and others are thinking I've feel ya sista, but if you're biracial like me especially if you have a white, Asian, Mexican, etc mom you probably fall into the group that's saying I feel ya sista.
    I would like to tell you about my hair story and why I need your help. Hello, my name is Adela and I have a white/Native American mom and a black dad. My mom had two gowgeous girls and did not know what the hell she was doing when she did our hair. She doesn't use conditioner on herself and didn't use it on us and all our hair looked dryer than an ash-hole on a cold winter's day. I honestly cringe everytime I think about how disgustingly dry my hair was. She would rip at my hair starting from the roots when she combed it and I would cry so much that I'm surprised our neighbors never called child protective services to check up on why there was so much screaming.
    Additionally she would tightly braid my hair with gel (who the butt braid with gel?) and it felt like someone was pulling as chunk of hair out of my head and i hated having braids because it was boring. But my hair was actually really long and down to my butt and guess what i hated it. I wanted to cut it so bad because I thought it'd be easier to deal with. Well my mom wouldn't let me for some stupid reason but when I said enough is enough and told her if she wasn't gonna straighten my hair or cut it or take me to a salon then I would not let her touch it. Well she didn't and I had dreadlocks (not Bob Marley cool dreads but two pieces of matted clumps and lint throughout my hair). One time my cousin was doing my hair and found a little spring!! lol 
    Then even though my dad grew up with 8 sisters, they still don't have my hair. For some reason my dad thought he knew about hair. He thinks brushing your hair with a boar bristle brush is good for it when wet and it straightens and detangles your hair. His justification: "they've been doing it for centuries." They also thought the Earth was round for centuries. He also doesn't believe olive oil is good for your hair. O.o Men, what is up with them and even when they know they're wrong they still try to be right?lmao
    In middle school and high school I tried to straighten my hair and long story short, did it too often and never used a heat protectant. I was in track, cross country, and I'd run in the off-season and I would ruin my hair by straightening it the next day, every day. I'm also stingy when it comes to trims. I didn't want to get it trimmed and when I do I don't get all the dead ends cuz I wanna keep my length. Now it's a little past shoulder length :P.
    Now that over the years where I cut my hair and it won't grow back, I realized that it's not my hair but it's my lack of knowledge of my hair. When I found this website and in the process of discovering my hair, I felt the heavens shining down and sending me the message to create an account and take their advice.
    On June 11th, it will be my birthday and my wish is to have long shiny healthy hair. I'm using up my Pantene and Fantastic Sam's conditioner but on June 23, I will cut all my damage off and I'm not holding back cuz short hair is prettier than long dead hair. After the 23rd I will start using the curly girl method. That means no sulfates, silicones, or parabens. If you could be so nicely and give me suggestions on product recommendations please.
    Thank you, love you guys
    More blog updates to come