My name is Rabiaa Diagne , and i am 16 years old. So i am mixed with moroccan and Senegalese. My mother has beautiful silky hair , and i have beautiful curls ! So my mother coming form a place were she has never dealt with my kind of hair she really didn't know how to do it :( So what did she do ? She gave me a PERM !!!!!!!!! Of course my hair was silky but as i grew older my hair was getting worse and worse because my mother was applying it wrong and over lapping every time. During freshman year of high school i started to look at youtube a lot and that is were my world changed ! So for about a year or two i gathered so many useful information that i didn't know about my hair or what i can do with it. I knew my mother couldn't help me so i was on my own so May 23 2012 my journey started and i BC! All by myself:) then i realized that my curls were not as curly because it had been damaged from the previous time i used head so i again BC in august 3rd 2012 and now were my hair natural all the time! I first though that when i am natural i cant do anything to my hair but that is not the case i learned to dye my hair which i have done only twice in a form which is allowed ! i am so excited for the days to come and i want to put out my story to let everyone know its possible i am ONLY 16 and doing this by myself and i am still learning . The bc was tough on me going almost completely bald but i adjusted and how am rocking the TWA everyday I love it so much !!!!!!