so i am begining this method called green house effect for hair. and i will also be doing the repair and transition by shea moisture. i honestly dont believe my hair to be a growing tree. i always felt that my hair was a dirty mushroom... (weird comparison) but its true. i always hid my hair with braids and wigs. and though i will be still doing my lace wigs i wont be doing half wigs or putting any type of manipulative attention on my hair. i never cared for it when i was doing wigs and braids, but now im going to start. i never believed in my hair.. i still dont.. but now im slowly changing my perspective on my hair. and im slowly giving tlc  to it. hopefully i ll add pics of my hair of before and after. but honestly i cut my hair to a fade, and now im just watching and waiting for growth. i dont understand and split ends i dont know how to cut them so i knwo i wont be doing them, and all i know is that im just going to put natural oils and let my hair sit =/
i will be updatin. by the way my hair is 4b . very fragile and thin. im 22 years old 2 kids and married. wow.