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iPhone 5 have chips that handle Apple A6, designed with the main materials are aluminium and glass, LTE connectivity and screen size 4 inch. So after five years on the market, Apple was the primary to vary the screen size for the iPhone. Digital still camera 8MP resolution but the quality has been significantly improved, the use of Apple chips more powerful but smaller A6, thinner 18% and 20% lighter than iPhone 4S. The screen has a pixel density/inch reach 326ppi resolution 1136 x 640 pixels, the Apple only increase length rather than increasing the width for the iPhone screen 5. Explanations for this, Apple said that it would still help the favorable ruling on the user's machine while the content shown is more. Welcomed the idea of Apple when that screen to the keypad and display content in the event that very few, up 176 pixels vertically have not only helped the main screen displays a row of applications (from 4 to 5) that the content will also more. The Apple app for iPhone has been updated for the new size.