Great Conditioner

When I went searching for a conditioner that would do my hair some good I came across this picture. The one that stood out the most to me was the Aussie conditioner. I bought it and ever since then it has been a major staple of my hair care routine.It has amazing slip, gives my hair the perfect amount of moisture and it smells great. All in all if I had to recommend any conditioner it would be the Aussie Moist conditioner. I'm not too crazy about their shampoos, but their conditioners are to die for. Now the Treseme Naturals conditioner left my hair feeling a little limp. And it felt like it left a film on my hair. Now Herbal Essence is fine, but it isn't all that wonderful. It's more of a base for if you mix anything with your conditioners. I love ANYTHING by Shea Moisture or Vo5. I grew up on Vo5 and Shea Moisture was the first line I used when I transitioned into natural. They're all good conditoners, but out of all of them my favorite is the Aussie. It has great slip, smells amazing and if you're using it as a co-wash it gets your hair unbelievably clean.