Kim Coles' Grow out Challenge

Kim Coles' Grow out Challenge

I happen to be growing out my hair when I stumbled upon this challenge and thought to myself '' what better way to motivate me?'' My hair hasn't grown since my last cut. (Or atleast it seems as though it hasn't grown) I'm ready for some hair growing. :)!

hair growth formula

3 years ago

I have decided to try something new. I'm not sure if I updated you all out last post. if so, sorry I'm excited. I purchased Aloe gel, a huge bottle of it. Why? to add into my hair gel and use it as a deep conditioning, re constructive treatment. I just started this weekend but I'm absolutely inlove with it!!! It's incredible, I think it helped the elasticity of my hair cause when I'm in the shower my hair is armpit length to an inch above bra length, when I get out and add in the gel and scrunch and blot my hair shrinks to an inch under shoulder length then when it's completely ...

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It's been a month.

4 years ago

It's been a month since my last post and let me tell you, I have seen incredible growth. In two...