Miss my curls

Miss my curls

I'm Emily and live in South Florida. I'm married and have 2 kids and one due in a few weeks. My blog enteries will be about me transitioning my hair from a keratin treatment in June 2011 to my return of natural curls.

The first week!

3 years ago

I have missed my curls so much, that finally after 16 months of straightening my hair, I've decided it's time to go back. I had just had my son last year and was sick of my hair. It was dry and frizzy and unmanageable. So I had a groupon and got the Keratin Straightening done. As well as cutting my hair very short, chin-length. I figured it would be alot more manageable and easier to deal with. Well it was. Then I wanted my hair really blonde-white. So I started coloring my own hair since no stylist could get it right. I ended up bleahcing my ghair. Now, 16 months later, about to have my 3rd ...