Hello everyone! My first short blog is my story and why I decided to transition from relaxed hair to natural hair.  I got my first relaxer when I was close to 19 years old.  Prior to that, I had natural long, thick hair.  I went to the beauty shop or my mom's kitchen about every 2 sometimes 3 weeks to get my hair pressed.  I can remember the looonnnggg process of getting my hair straightened, I hated it, but I must say I loved the results.  If my mom pressed my hair, the straightening journey would begin the night before with the conditioning stage.  My dad would wash our (my sister's as well) hair the next day and my mom would finish up.  I remember sitting in that hard chair and about 1.5 hours later getting out of a now sticky, sweaty chair; it was a love hate relationship thing going on right there.  I loved the nap I ended up taking, but hated that I was missing out on 1.5 worth of play time lol. 
    Now let's fast forward to my 20s.  I continued getting relaxers every couple of months.  After a few years, I begin to notice that my hair was becoming dry and breaking.  It was still long, but did not look as healthy as my teen years.  I ended up cutting my hair into a bob and kept it short for a while, but never got it back to the initial healthy state. Around the age of 27 I  decided to go natural, that last 8 months lol.  I had no knowledge of taking care of natural hair and if I would have known what I know now, this transitioning process would have been OVER. But we live and we learn, that is how we become better individuals.  So now at the age of 32, my journey to healthy natural hair is underway.  I am 11 months into my transition.  Its hard at times, especially when I see my friends and others with the straight flowing hair, but I pull it together and remember my goal.  When I tell myself to remember my goal and promise to Myself, it always helps me to ReFocus and keep pushing.