My Journey to the natural me!

My Journey to the natural me!

Hey everyone, My name is Shamara, i'm from the east coast(NY to be exact) and I embarked on my journey to natural hair Feb 2012. I will be sharing my pre transition days, transition days, and my journey now that I am 100% natural(but still a newbie)

Why did I want to go natural.....

3 years ago

Hey Guys,So just to take it back a bit, I was like most other girls, relaxed at a pretty early age(9) and my mom took care of my hair up until I was like 15. At that time, i took over the process of relaxing my hair and that's when it all went down hill. I had very thick hair prior to me relaxing my own hair, by 18 my hair was thin and brittle.  I never really cared for straight hair, was always envious of curly hair, but for some reason because relaxer was all I knew, and everyone around me portrayed natural hair, or new growth as a NO NO, so i continued to relaxer, endure the scalp ...