Hey Guys,

So just to take it back a bit, I was like most other girls, relaxed at a pretty early age(9) and my mom took care of my hair up until I was like 15. At that time, i took over the process of relaxing my hair and that's when it all went down hill. I had very thick hair prior to me relaxing my own hair, by 18 my hair was thin and brittle.  I never really cared for straight hair, was always envious of curly hair, but for some reason because relaxer was all I knew, and everyone around me portrayed natural hair, or new growth as a NO NO, so i continued to relaxer, endure the scalp burns, endure the limp, lifeless hair for another 10 years.

At around 25 I started experimenting with weaves, like them but they were installed improperly by the stylist. I knew this, I knew my hair underneath was not being taken care of, but because the outcome was "cute", i continued to get them. Moving forward to the end of 2011, i was tired of the thin hair, not being able to style it, and it outright looking a mess, so i decided to get it cut, to start over, ended up with a cute asymmetrical cute, but again, it required regular relaxers and that wasn't what I wanted either...

So February 2012, when i was due to go back for my touch up, I was DREADING it, so I decided I wasn't going to go back, I was just going to wear weaves or braids and figure it out later.  I then came across the natural hair vlogs and videos on youtube, the numerous blogs and I was AMAZED to see women of all hair types with HEALTHY hair. I was amazed that people were using olive oil, and butters on their hair? That was so new to me, but i was in love with how natural hair looked. That was when I decided I was going to go natural. I wanted to do away with the relaxers, the fake hair(don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with weaves) but i didn't want to have to depend on them for my hair to look presentable.

Hence the transition begins..initially I had plans on transition for a year or longer due to the fact I had a complex about having short hair.  I did my research, found what to do to properly take care of my transition hair, and the journey began.  Fast forward 4 months later, my 33 birthday, I just said, today's the day, i'm cutting the rest off..and I did! It was the BEST feeling, to run my fingers through my hair, feeling each curl, coil, the cottony texture, I mean, i hadn't seen my hair texture in forever, i actually had no clue what it even was, so this was like a whole new world for me, and i fell in love with it instantly.

Present day, this was the best decision i made regarding my hair and i wouldn't change it for the world. My journey continues, i continue to learn more and more and my hair and I'm loving every step. If i could say anything to anyone who is debating, influenced, etc, please do what is best for YOU. Natural is wonderful, but it requires care and nurturing. Also please remember to love what YOU have growing out of your head, not what the next person has.

Best of luck to everyone and love your NATURAL HAIR, cus it ROCKS! like seriously, it rocks, have you seen all the different styles you can do with it? :)