So,well I haven't always been that natural angel and relaxers haven't always been my devil. Since I was old enough for relaxers my mum has been giving me one every year. When I was little I stupidly give myself a "trim" using scissors cutting of a lump of my hair. My mum found out and was forced to cut off all of my hair. Until now I did not realize that i could have gone natural neither did my mum. My hair grew to shoulder length after the cut but it got unmanageable and out came the relaxer again. My hair was silky and shiny after that  but soon i got split ends. my hair was starting to break of and about a year later my hair was up to my ears. I have researched so many methods. I did an egg mask for my results except softness. When i reached age eleven I became self-conscious about my hair and started to actually care about it.

Things I Did:
  • Co-washed my hair
  • Moisturized and sealed
  • no more relaxers
  • wore a scarf to bed
  • Protective hair styles
 I soon came across this method called the GHE (green house effect). It consists of spraying your hair with water at night, wearing a plastic bag or shower cap over it, put a scarf over it then go to bed. I tried it for a month and my results were shininess and softness. It also flattened my hair without heat! What it does is that the moistness in your hair is warming up because of the bag and the scarf causing your pores to open up and "feed" on nutrients.

Right now I am in cornrows (protective hairstyle) and I cant wait to take my hair out and see what has happened to it to due to its lack of breakage.