Oh gosh how do I start this. Okay... I've decided to go natural. OBVIOUSLY. But... I didn't know what my natural hair looked like at first . At all. Never dealt with it. Once my mom got tired of doing my hair every week, she pushed me out of the nest and uhh...bought a relaxer. So ever since I graduated elementary school I have been using a relaxer. Sad right... So that was what, seven years ago? So for SEVEN YEARS I have been putting that stinky, burning, devil of a chemical in my hair!!! WHY?! Because I was afraid...once new growth started to sprout it's curly roots, I'd freak out and touch up my relaxer. For a long time I did it ever 4 weeks...than my hair started to fall out so I lengthened it to every 8 weeks...than every 16 weeks...than finally I said to myself "I wonder if I have curly hair?" And I vowed to never touch a relaxer again! Five months down the road and I now have about two inches of new growth! And they are beautiful 3c/4a curls ♥ I love them! I had always thought I was the odd ball out of my family because I was the only one with no curls, who knew I'd have the curliest out of all of them!?