Natural Love

Natural Love

I am a outgoing, free spirited individual who loves setting trends and stepping outside of the norm. I love fashion, people, life, and over the past year and a half I have become a major "product junky" Going natural was the best decision ever!

Sticking To A Routine And My Hair Loves It!!!

2 years ago

Hi sweet naturals!! Just wanted to give everyone an update on how much your hair loves a routine. I have always found it hard to keep the same routine week in and week out but once I found my signature products this has become much more easier for me to accomplish and my hair would rather have it no other way! So just to catch you ladies up I have maintained soft, shiny, curls by sticking to a weekly deep conditioning bi-weekly wash for the last few months! And I have been doing great with keeping it twisted ALL week (this is new for me) I wash every other Sunday (every other ...

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