Going natural has been on my mind for about the last five years but I did not build up the courage to actually go through with it until Feb. 7th 2011.  I started my transition December 2010 and became so anxious that by Feb, I was beyond ready to start my natural hair journey. Everyone including my mother and friends were completely against it and told me I would be crazy to chop my hair away for a nappy fro. The night of my bg chop I was just going to wash, shampoo, and style my hair for work, but after  washing I got a pair of scissors and just started cutting away until I had about an inch of hair. It was soooo invigorating, I felt like I was refreshed and even felt empowered that I had finally built up the courage to embrass the real me. I had no idea how to care for my hair so I begin to watch Youtube videos and took it from there. My main products were Mane and Tail shampoo, V05 conditioner, Cantu Shea Butter leave in Ecostyler gel, and olive oil, these were my everyday products.
I am now close to reaching my two year natural mark and I am loving every bit of it, I have inspired two close friends to go natural, one has already did the BC and the other is transitioning now. To me going natural is more than just hair, it is coming to acceptance of yourself, and realizing that beauty is within. I don't feel self concious because this is how God intended for me to be. Many naturals go natural but then continue to wear wigs and sew ins, that is something that I also decided I wold not do. I want to rock my tresses all the time, I have not worn any weave in almost two years and I don't plan on it.
I hope that I as well as other naturals continue to inspire other black women to embrace their natural tresses and understand that if they don't accept themselves the way they are then how can they expect others too. Love and blessings!