Hello ladies, I am the type of person who loves to look different everyday because I am so into fashion I like to be versitile and my scalp has always been very dry. So for me to keep my hair twisted longer than a week has become a big challenge for me. It seems as though if I keep my hair twisted for more than a week the twists become unattractive along with the huge flakes in my scalp. I want to keep my hair in a protective style and this is my only option because if it is in a twistout I will want to style it more and that will defeat the purpose of having a protective style. A coworker who is also natural suggested that I deep condition my scalp with olive oil, I hope this works because I am really trying to retain length along with healthy hair. Please post suggstions for cute, easy protective styles as well as how to get rid of dry scalp, I would love to have more versitility with them. Thanks ladies! Be yourself, be free, be natural!!!