It's been two months since my big chop and I am finally seeing the progress. I've decided I won't length check until next month since it will be a quarterly thing for me. I'm so happy my TWA is growing in quite nicely. My staple products haven't changed much I'm still using Suave Naturals conditioner to co-wash with, water and shea butter to moisturize and seal in moisture and I've added African Pride Leave in Moistuiser as well as Organiz Anti Breakage Serum. Seeing my hair grow before my eyes has been me so much more excitement about my hair's potential. I'm not aiming for waist length or anything but a head of long thick hair in a year or 2 would make me very happy. I'm been making youtube videos documenting my attempts at hair maintenance as a new natural. The support I've received is astounding. There are so many women out there willing to share their wisdom and provide helpful tips for every conundrum I face. As for my hair now, it's braided in cornrows. I was going a tad overboard with the treatments to my hair and touching it alot. I figure if I have it tucked away in briads I can't cause any unintentional damage because my hands can't ge to it to manipulate it. I am going to leave the cornrows in for 2 weeks. Seeing it stretched out after will be great. Anyway, that's all for now. =)