I never really considered going natural. I got pregnant at the end of my last semester of college. Around three months I got super sick!! I was throwing up all day everyday and around five months was put on bed rest. I had fluid retention, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, any, and everything! The doctors are thinking lupus but this was not at all how is saw pregnancy going :(

With everything going on hair was the last thing on my mind. I delivered my baby 10 weeks early and by the time I was released from the hospital my hair was falling out like crazy! Thankfully it finally stopped but I did lose a lot of length and my hair is thinner around the top. After all that I decided that I didn't want another perm and that I would wear my hair natural. Best secession ever. I love my hair now. It looks better now w/o the perm than it ever did with one. I'm trying not to go crazy with the products, blogs, and YouTube videos but it's hard. I want to find any and everything that can help my hair remain healthy. I just can't understand why I didn't make this decision sooner.