Naturally Me

Naturally Me

I'm 2 years and 2 months clean from the creamy crack and I have not looked back! I love my curls and I'm glad others have embraced nautral hair rather than what is norm, the perm. It's been a struggle but I have overcome and my hair thanks me!

In the beginning

5 years ago

In the beginning, I had curly hair.  My mother decided that it wa too much to handle, thus the creamy crack journey began.  I knew I had hidden curls locked underneath that straight hair and it wasn't until I strated getting textuizers that the stylist told me I hve a nice curl pattern to my hair. This same sylist decided that my hair was damaged, heat, goign back and forth from straight to curly cut off my hair.  It was at that moment I decided, November 2008, I was not longer goign to be held prisoner but perms.  I have not looked back and I found my new sylist who ...