Naturally Me!!!

Naturally Me!!!

Hi Ladies!!! This blog will be about my hair journey as I get back to a new and healthy regimen. I have been natural for 1 yr and 9 mos my hair has gone through it's up's and downs lately. Me and my curls are ready for this healthy grow out challenge!!

My New Hair Regimen

5 years ago

Hello Ladies,   Today was the first day of my new hair regimen. I started with my very first pre-poo treatment ever that included honey and extra virgin coconut oil. I started by sectioning my hair in fours, I sprayed a mist of water on each section and saturated my hair completely with the pre-poo mixture. I sat under the heutiful hair steamer for thirty minutes.  I then shampooed in the shower with Deva Curl Low-Poo shampoo, I conditioned and detangled with Deva Curl One Condition,using the Tangle Teezer. With My hair still sectioned in two I applied Deva Curl Heaven in Hair ...

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