Naturally wonderful journey

Naturally wonderful journey

My blog basically follows my and the people around me natural hair journeys. ill share things I've learned, how I feel about my hair and much more throughout this wonderful journey.

6 inches, 1 year

3 years ago

I've been completely natural for 5-6 months. I transitioned for about a month. I was really excited to see my hair so I cut it off quickly. My hair is currently a little over 3 inches. I've trimmed twice since my BC. My goal it to have six wonderful inches when I reach my one year anniversary. My hair is naturally fine so I try to keep manipulation to a minimum by extreme protective styling. I usually wear wigs while my hair is braided underneath. My regimen is pretty simple. I cowash once a weak and deep condition. About once a month I shampoo and I always do an over night treatment before i ...