I've been completely natural for 5-6 months. I transitioned for about a month. I was really excited to see my hair so I cut it off quickly. My hair is currently a little over 3 inches. I've trimmed twice since my BC. My goal it to have six wonderful inches when I reach my one year anniversary. My hair is naturally fine so I try to keep manipulation to a minimum by extreme protective styling. I usually wear wigs while my hair is braided underneath. My regimen is pretty simple. I cowash once a weak and deep condition. About once a month I shampoo and I always do an over night treatment before i shampoo wash my hair. After a wash I moisturize and seal. I re moisturize and seal my hair throughout the week as needed. What products have been my holy grail, can't live without, best thing to ever happen to me?? Shea moisture of course! I can't tell you how much this stuff has helped me throughout my journey. When I first did my bc I was lost. I had no idea what products to try. I was in Walgreens browsing and stumbled upon the organic curl and shine kit. That's when my love affair began. The stuff works wonders on my 4a twa. It had everything I needed in one box! I loved it so much I went out and bought products from Shea Moisures other lines. I have a box full of there products. There's a product for every need!! I'm going to continue my simple regimen and continue using these products because my hair is seriously thriving. When I saw this challenge I just couldn't resist posting. My regimen and my staple products is perfect for me and I'm $100 sure I will have AT LEAST 6 inches of growth by my one year natural hair anniversary.