I really, really don't know where to start. I cut the relaxer out of my hair over 2 years ago due to damage and lack of salons in my area, but I wore weave for over a year. I hate weave. It made me feel confined and uncomfortable but the styles were cute. One day, about a year ago I just could not take the weave any more so I started braiding my own hair. It was cute but just not sophistacated enough for me. To get to the point....I do not know what the heck to do. I am very creative when it comes to hair styles for other people but I just cannot find one for me. Although others  say I look good with a fro I just can't seem to embrace it. But if I don't look in the mirror or nobody is around....I feel so free with the fro. What is my problem?
When I am working on the farm, I feel good with the fro, but as soon as someone comes around or I have to go to town I throw on something to cover my hair again feeling confined. A thought ,that I hope is not the case but I must consider,came to me . Am I ashamed or cautious of how the "Good 'ol folks of Ga." will  perceive me. I just don't know. Somehow I think it's all in my head(like my husband says), but I can't get over it. It's a hot mess.