Well where do i being. I know so many women are on a hair journey for different reasons but mine is strictly because I as SICK OF RELAXERS!! The day of my first perm I can remember till this day and you want to know why??? Because it burned! My hair is so thick and resistant  and my scalp is so tender. Not a good combo for relaxers. Hairdressers always tried to get my hair bone straight resulting in buring of my scalp and ultimately breakage of my hair. S for the next 20 odd years I have literally been tourtured. Until I decided to start having my mom relax my hair. It went a little better but  my hair was still breaking. My friends could never understand when I told them my hair was breaking because it was so thick, but I knew. So about two years ago I decided that I wasnt going to perm my hair anymore. Yeah right right that lasted all of 6 months becasue I couldnt handle it and my loving boyfriend always wanted me to wear MY hair out not a weave that it forced me to get a relaxer. My hair was so healthy and nice after that 6 month break. But what happened again friends?? BREAKAGE. The curing iron is my worst enemy. I am a fanatic when it comes to my hair and it has to be perfect always. Soooo....its been 1 year later of relaxing my hair and about 2 weeks ago i decided to try this natural hair journey. I will be a long thats a word.No big chops here!!
 I have bought so many products my head hurts. My first buy was actually shea moisture shampoo and conditioner. Love the stuff my hair is so soft after each use. I have vowed to not spend any more money for atlease 6 months on these natural hair products. I want to  find one group of things and stick to it. So right now I am 2 months post relaxer. Ive been pre-pooing, washing , DT, and co washing regularly and my hair is very soft. I am also taking fast grow hair vitamins that have changed my hair texture. Its CRAZY!! So as I experince new things with my transitioning hair I will be updating you!!