My journey - I remember when i was a 5 year old half Jamaican girl with a head full of curly hair.  I didn't care about curl patterns, length retention, deep conditioning.  I just sat in the chair until Mom was done blissfully ignorant.  Then came dreaded adolescence.  Living in a predominant Hispanic neighborhod my sisters and I were surrounded by long straight hair.  I begged my mom (a licensed beautician) to relax my hair.  Finally for eigth grade I was"rewarded."  I couldn't have been happier.

I continued regular relaxers from my mother through graduations, break ups and more.  Then Summer of 2007 I moved from Phoenix, AZ to Houston, TX away from my favorite/ONLY beautician.  Living in Houston I was terrified a new stylist would chop my hair off.  So I chose a male stylist (logic I know) All was fine and I got two relaxers from my new stylist problem was I am not accustomed to spending 5 hours in the Beauty Salon.  So that abruptly ended my regular relaxers.  I just felt like I was missing EVERYTHING sitting in his chair. lol 

So, May 2008 no more "Hair Crack" but I continued to blow dry and flat iron on a weekly basis.  What do you want from me I'm only HUMAN :) Everything was ok I had minimal breakage and my hair continued to grow.  Then March 2010 came.  Most of my hair was my natural texture with the exception of the stringy ends.  On a family vacation to New York (first time introducing my new beau) my dad announced he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and would undergo surgery to remove it.  WHAT?! DAD?! Jack of all Trades, my best friend, biggest supporter.  NO can't be.  But it was.  I am happy to report that the surgery was successful and Dad has been cancer free for 2  years.  But I was shaken and I wanted to do something.

March 2010 The BIG CHOP.  My solution/reaction to Dad's news was to chop off the rest of the relaxed hair leaving me with a sleek bob.  I liked it and it was my way to support my dad as he has always done for me.  So now I'm all natural but my curly hair looks like a mushroom so still blow drying and flat ironing.

ENOUGH is ENOUGH November 2011.  I've been good significantly reduced the heat styling opting for once a month verse every week.  Time to play with color.  I know what your thinking CRAZY Yes but Happy.  So I decided to go blonde S L O W L Y.  Very slowly.  This has definitely helped, since I have more delicate hair I do not heat style except for special occasions.

My mom is finally coming to visit me in Texas next month.  I am considering another CHOP.  I've always wanted my hair to be 1 length.  The shortest layer now is just above my shoulders I dread the potential mushroom again but I know my hair better now.  Not to mention all the tutorials and advice available from other naturals.  So I think I'm going to do it.