How to start this blog??? hmm.  well I guess I should give some background on my relaxed hair days.  My Mom's last job was as a hairdresser so when she started to perm my hair, around 12 or 13 years old, my Mom said to me, you do NOT need to retouch your hair every 8-12 weeks as "they" suggest.  some people my Mom said are really ridiculous with that and obsessed with their roots being super duper straight all the time, why? if the hair doesn't need it, why do it? As a result from my first perm my hair would get "retouched" every 3-4 months.  I was still able to do everything with my hair, was, set wraps etc no problem. Also I love to work out and have been athletic all my life so having a relaxer never hindered me from working out or swimming.  Surprise, surprise, people that say they can't go swimming or workout are just full of hot air & excuses. Sorry, I got sidetracked but I hate when people use hair as an excuse for not taking care of themselves.  So you would tell your boss I can't accept  that raise because I just got a relaxer done? Yes, that sounds equally as dumb as I can't workout because I have a perm lol. As you can guess, I like to exercise lol.
     Well I am a blunt person, blame it on my Jamaican genes lol.  We don't call it being blunt though, just being honest lol.  Back to the hair of things, so to speak.  So i've thought about going natural every so often but never did it before.  Perm hasn't damaged my hair, hasn't made it break off or anything else maybe because i don't perm that often or just great DNA:). sidebar my decision also had nothing to do with Chris Rock's movie which is what a lot of people have asked me lol.  I still haven't seen his documentary lol.  I also eat a pretty clean diet, was just raised that way and I'm used to coming home to cook.  I don't eat out often because I will usually cook.  I have my indulgences but it's just the way I was raised.  As I've started to get older I thought well i am very selective with what i ingest and what i put on my hair so why continue with the chemicals in my semi-granola way of life?  As i though about maybe giving this natural thing a try I decided I wouldn't perm my hair until I really made up my mind.  I got my last perm around my birthday in July and since i usally retouch every 3-4 months I thought, that's the perfect time to investigate and make a decision etc.
     Off to you tube i went to look at videos about what to do etc.  Naptural85 wound up being, and still is, my go to channel.  Around August though my scalp started to itch terribly.  I've never had a serious dandruff problem so at first that's all i thought it was.  I used an anti dandruff shampoo and thought that would be it but no, the itch worsened.  As I started to itch my scalp felt very scaly & sore so my sister said to check with a dermatologist.  I went to my dermatologist the next day and was diagnosed with Seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp.   You can look it up online for more details but i think simple way to understand it would be it's an eczema of the scalp.  Well that explained it all lol.  I was seriously itching my scalp like a mad woman.  My doctor gave me this prescription liquid to put on my scalp.  That's how the decision was kind of taken out of my hands.  I have very sharp nails and all the itching caused me to have a lot of sores on my scalp so it was a no brainer to me. irritated scalp & relaxer do NOT mix in any world loll. so that's how I'm now at month 5 of no perm.  I decided i wouldn't due to the s.b. and my scalp still scaling etc.  So well see what happens. oh the picture is one i just took quickly in the vestibule and if you can see my hair it's just 2 strand twists that i untwisted.  2 strand twists have literally saved my life through this process.  I've thought about braiding it but since my scalp is now recovering from the sb i didn't want to do anything that would aggravate my scalp and maybe cause a next flare up so 2 strand twists & french rolls for now lol