i have so forgotten about this blog.  busy with life i guess lol. so still mosying along on this hair journey.  My hair seems to be slightly curly, thick & wavy at the top.  the back right side seems to be really kinky & tightly coiled and have no idea about my curl # 4a, 3c me= no clue lolll. when dead hairs come out they look very curly and when i pull a section of hair it looks curly bit overall it doesn't appear curly, if that makes sense lol. then again maybe because i have a lot of hair which is also think i can't "see" the curl? idk Shea Moisture products are still working for me but i've had to try a few new things as well because it seems like every 3-4 months something changes & what used to work now does nothing for my hair.  i'm starting to become a product junkie but not by choice lol. as my hair evolves what has worked sometimes is no longer useful. SM deep treatment masque & restorative conditioner are still great but the shampoo of that same line now weighs my hair down so it is now my sister's lol. Giovani products work great in my hair so that has been my 2nd go to brand.   i've been looking at youtube videos & eco styler doesn't agree with my hair.  it will hold a curl but it makes my hair hard & crunchy, not soft.  needless  to say sometimes you need to fall back & look at tips but don't try everything.  my hair for the most part doesn't seem to be super duper curly but thick & wavy/ slightly curly if that makes sense.  it doesn't seem to have a very tight curl pattern but i guess we'll see what happens as we continue growing out the perm and cutting the permed ends.   
      maybe i don't have a tight curl pattern and there's nothing wrong with that.  my hair is my hair, whatever it is.  homemade conditioner that really works wonders for me is an avocado, grapeseed oil or olive but i usually use grapeseed and a blender. blend & apply to hair, cover with a plastic bag & a towel or sit under the dryer for a bit or leave in overnight.  putting in the blender let's the avocado blend nicely as opposed to just doing it with a fork which will leave brown strands in your hair.  i did it that way the first time and learned my lesson, blender ever since then lol. ever since my hair has become so dry i've had to experiment with products etc & avocado with the oil works great for me.  hot oil treatments not so much.  coconut oil by itself makes my hair hard so if i use it i have to mix it with another oil, not by itself.  i usually mix it with grapeseed oil or apricot oil.  my hair likes grapeseed oil and of course i use it on my skin as well so the oils are multipurpose which = $ saving
     i need to take an updated pic.  right now my hair is just in 2 braids wrapped around each other. part right down the middle, 2 braided pigtails and i just bobby pin the ends around each other, like a braided olympic crown lol  i call it my black Heidi/black swiss miss look, the tv movie musical, not the model lol.  this has been my go to for about the last 2 weeks since it's simple. quick & easy.  i just redo it maybe every 3 days if it's messy but i just de-tangle. moisturize & braid it up. i seal with oit sometimes but if i'm using my SM products to moisturize then i don't seal since it contains oil high up in the ingredient list. no need to overkill my hair.  my hair is also according to what i've read low porosity but there are some low porosity rules my hair doesn't follow lol. my hair will not sink to the bottom of a glass & sometimes products do feel as if they are just sitting on the top of my hair but my hair drys easily.  it only takes forever to dry if it's tied up either in twists & covered or with rollers then yeah, forever to dry but if i'm just twisting to let it air dry my hair is drying while i'm twisting one section so i'm constantly re-wetting the other side lol.  my hair is also very voluminous lol. i have big hair & have been trying to find a way to take lessen the volume but the other day i just said f** it, big hair don't care lol