Hellllo loves, i have been doing #NoCutsNoHeat2013 for about 3 months now (January, February,March), and so far ive gotten good progress. giving up heat is my most problem, because i love my hair straight. but having beautiful curly long hair means more ! not cutting my hair is not that big of a deal to me, because cutting my split ends never seemed to really make my hair grow and i read that it does not help it grow at all. I have colored my hair , but that has not effected its growth at all, and i did not say anything about not coloring hair !  i just started using ever curl shampoo and conditioner by L'oreal and it seems to be working good, my hair is soft and pretty curls :) so here is my progress so far, 3 months down, 9 more to go , goodbye loves xoxo queenxa 


Hi I love your blog! I'm Miracle and I'm new to this website. Please check out my blog , thanks! ♡