Transitioning has got to be the most difficult process ever when it comes to dealing with hair. The different textures, the different products out there for hair and the anticipation and waiting for your hair to grow can be extremely frustrating! I have been transitioning for about 11 months now and it is so difficult. I never realized until now how much time and effort I needed to put into my hair until I started transitioning.
    I believe my last relaxer was somewhere around the very end of October or very early in November of 2012, I'm not really sure of the exact date. Initially, transitioning was no big deal and I continued styling my hair as I had when I was completely relaxed. I never really had any real issues with styling my hair until it became hotter later on in the Spring around the end of May. The climate changed and the difference between my hair textures was very noticeable. My roots were super curly and then I had these terrible straggly relaxed ends that were very hard to style with my natural hair. 
    I tried my hardest to stay away from heat for the majority of the summer until I needed to get a haircut in July. She took about an inch or two off which was a little hard on me but I knew that it was only helping me out in the long run. 
    It is now the end of September and and I'm about 11 months into my transition. It is extremely hard to style my hair while it is curly and most of the time there are two flat twists in the front with a bun or a ponytail. I am in college and I don't have a lot of time on my hands and it is extremely hard to find the time to style my hair. I'm trying so hard to be patient during this transitioning process but it is so hard! I am definitely NOT ready to do the big chop at this point. I have made a date however, at which point I think I will be comfortable cutting off my relaxed ends. I plan on doing the Big Chop around Halloween 2014. I wish that day would hurry up!! Until then, can anyone offer me any help, ideas, or tips on how to style my hair???? I'm so lost!