This is to a new start YAY ! I big chopped last year in August and I feel like I just did everything so wrong soooo I decided to start over. Now people that know me know that when I say I'm going to do something I will most likely do it. I told my friend I was going to cut my hair and she told me not to, but knowing me I do what I want haha; but no seriously. I drove around with my sister this Monday trying to find an open barber shop. Barber shops around here close so early, too early in my opinion. After hours of frantic search for an open barber shop I finally found one that was open...The hair cuttery. I'm not going to bash anyone because the lady that cut my hair was extremely nice and she was trying to make me feel comfortable, but... she was Asian Lol. When I called in I specifically asked if they knew how to cut African American hair, and they said yes. I'm sure she knew a little about our hair textures but not enough, I also showed her a picture of the cut I wanted and everything but she did it her own way. Besides that I'm currently just oiling and massages my scalp whenever I can; wish me luck !