What a year, what a year!!!

I always wanted to blog about my hair experience but was scared and I guess slightly embarrassed because I haven't embrassed my natural hair in so long. So what I'm going to do is give a more in dept story about me and my views of my natural hair and than review this past year.

So my mother is half native american and my father is just african american. My mothers family have beautiful variety of hair- straight, slightly curly, very curly but not "nappy". My fathers family have straight up "n-word" hair. That kind of hair that when they were born the baby was screamin out "perm me!" Yeah, ya'll know what I mean.

At an early age my favorite two cousins hair was already down their backs while I was working with afro hair..mind you if I stretched it, it would be pretty long but at the age of five you weren't thinking about that. I wanted long hair like my mother and her family sooo bad that in order for me to stop bugging her I would go to beautician once every two weeks to get my hair straightened with a hot comb. Unfortunately I got the beautician from hell one day who straight up burnt my scalp (I'm talking scabs and all ya'll) and needless to say I never wanted straightened hair again.

Thus began the years of braids. Unless I was in a pageant or wedding or any other special event. Braiding was my thing. Box braids, Senegalese braids, all types of braids up until the day that Jimi told the whole fifth grade class I had "n-word" hair and the only way I could look pretty was if I had braids in my hair...smh. 

After that I bought a flat iron with the money in my piggy bank, took out those braids and got to straightenin'! At first it was pure heaven to have straight, long, black hair but after going swimming, walking home from school in the rain, and other wet and crazy things that could happen as a child...that wasn't working. So I got a perm.


It didn't take long before my hair started falling out. So I cut off the dead ends and dyed the ends of my hair red...


Before I knew it my hair went from being past my shoulders to shorter than my chin.

After that I started wearing weaves, glue and sewn in and at the end of my eighth grade year I got micro braids. Now my hair being as thick as it was had no business getting micros! It took longer than any braids or hairstyle ever had in my entire life and it also took out my hair. I'm talkin' about going to sleep and waking up in the middle of the night because I heard and felt the braid-and my hair pop out of my scalp!

So during high school I vowed to never-ever wear breads again in my natural born life. My remedy was wearing sewn in weaves than getting a perm in February so I can wear my natural hair during my birthday. 

Only once had I transitioned-and it wasn't on purpose. I transitioned for 11 months when I decided to get another perm. I had once again nice a beautiful, silky, long hair for about two months than it started shedding again.

So here I am one year later from my last perm and I'm so proud of myself ya'll! Protective hairstyles are my #1 if you don't want to be tempted to mess with your hair. I plan on being natural forever, for once I have a boyfriend and friends who accepts my journey, I found this website of advice so I can start figuring out what the heck am I doing with my hair (since my mother honestly didn't know what to do with it either...can't blame her). I'm packing up my bags, and I'm getting ready to return to Mvskoke.