Short, Curly, and Cute!

Short, Curly, and Cute!

Hi! I am a beginner in the world of natural hair! Im scared but SOOOO excited! My blog will be about all the new products I try and all the mistakes I will probably make, and how my hair is turning out!

The Beginner!

3 years ago

Ok this is really long but please read it!! So.... This this is my first time ever entering the world of natural hair and transitioning. I am so excited to be starting this because I have come to relize that I love my hair and that relaxers are doing nothing to make me love my hair. :) And this is my first blog. Ever. Not just about hair but ever. So take it easy on me. So for my first blog entry I was thinking about talking about how I started all of this. Well I was with a good friend of mine, Kyra, who is fully natural(3C) and rocks it in every way. We were just chatting and I was ...