Ok this is really long but please read it!! So.... This this is my first time ever entering the world of natural hair and transitioning. I am so excited to be starting this because I have come to relize that I love my hair and that relaxers are doing nothing to make me love my hair. :) And this is my first blog. Ever. Not just about hair but ever. So take it easy on me. So for my first blog entry I was thinking about talking about how I started all of this. Well I was with a good friend of mine, Kyra, who is fully natural(3C) and rocks it in every way. We were just chatting and I was thinking of getting some new shampoo and conditoner for my hair because my hair was breaking off on the ends. Then she said well its because the relaxers are way to harsh on your hair, and then we started talking about her being natural and BAM! I got the idea of going natural, and we went to the beauty supply store and she told me I needed oil and something to start moisturizing my hair(I had very little money that day). So I bought Africas Best Hair Myonaise, and Africas Best Herbal Oil. And those were my first 2 products I ever bought for my hair to go natural. It was great, I felt how soft my hair(3B) was and I knew that I was dead set on going through with it. So I gradually started buying more products to help me.... and here I am today. Just expirimenting trying to see what works for my hair. I love it so far and I am so excited to continue on this journey. I am currently trying to figure out what styles will work for me and I am having a hard time but I want to stay away from heat so... yeah. I have very short hair, I would say about and inch or half and inch past the bottom of my earlobe and its just a touch shorter in the back. So if you have any suggestions! Let me know!!!!!!! Thanks for reading this!!!!!!