Being a lifeguard can be a tough job. Curly hair makes that job even harder. For as long as I can remember I've wanted long curly hair (think Miley Cyrus, age 16). During the second half of my gap year after high school I was working and in the water 7 days a week, 3-4 hours at a time. After 4 months I had to get my aunt to cut my hair to the length you see in the cover photo. Since then I've repeatedly damaged my hair. Most of it came from walking out of work and being so tired that I didn't want to shower when I got home after rinsing off at the pool. This excessive exposure to chlorine really took a toll on my hair. But nothing would have prepared me for what happened to my hair this summer. 
    I picked up a second job, working as a lifeguard/swim instructor in the town next to mine. This put me in the pool 6 days a week twice a day for about 6 hours a day. I probably lost about half my hair this summer. I have always had really really thick hair but from the amount of hair that was coming out of my head I had decreased my hair mass by half. I would go days saying to my myself "I'm go pool, pool, sleep, pool. I'll wash my hair on Saturday." The worst was about two weeks to the end of the summer when it took me 45 minutes to untangle my hair. Since uni has started back up again, I've learned my lesson and my hair is slowly becoming healthier, stronger, and longer. 

    I am really focused on growing my hair long and keeping it growing quickly. A normal hair routine for me is washing it with shampoo about twice a week, conditioning about 4 times a week, and putting Herbal Essences Leave In conditioner in every time my hair gets wet. I also NEVER brush my hair with an actual brush. In the shower I use a comb and I use my fingers to scrunch my hair. Vitamins have also really helped with my hair as well. Each day I take 2 multi vitamins, 1 biotin pill, and 2 fish oil pills. Being that curly hair grows very slowly, my hair has only grown about 6 inches in a year and a half. I'm hoping that these vitamins will help give it a kick start in growth and keeping it as healthy as possible.