So, I can be somewhat of a lengthy writer, but I will try to make this as quick as I can. Well starting when I was young. My mom always did my hair for me "as is the case in most African American homes" I did not start doing my own hair until I was like 15 or 16, but even then I had a perm at that point so the extent of my curl pattern was unknown to me. My mom put a texturizer in my hair to calm the curls, but I did not get a perm until I was 13. So up until this point all of the real work had yet to begin until college. I had started growing out my hair a whole year before college, but the struggle became real when I was alone with no mom to help me with my hair, which I now call The Beast. At this point I have literally four different types of curls in my hair the fully curly strands, the half way curly strands, the wavy strands which have yet to curl, and the strands that seem to never grow.  So how am I a girl who has yet to ever manage her own hair supposed to manage all this? Youtube! Ahhh yes I said it as a young woman in college in a small town youtube is my best resource.  I have managed to follow videos on youtube that show me how to use bantu knots, braid outs, and twist outs. So thank youtube for helping me conquer the curl unknown territory that exists on my own head. I never knew that it was possible that such hair existed and I still have a few more months left, but the struggle will be worth it. I have to keep reminding myself this because I constantly want to perm or cut my hair to stop dealing with this madness, but then I think about how happy I will be when all my hair strands get on the same level. So to all you people transitioning stay positive!