Teaspoon of confidence and a Gallon of Hair

Teaspoon of confidence and a Gallon of Hair

Some of my earliest childhood memories are associated with my hair. Conforming to the "standards" of beauty.Transitioning to natural has taken me on a journey that has me looking back at my past and learning to love me every step of the way into my future

Who are you today?

3 years ago

Transitioning to natural has been a decision that I did not think was ever a choice for me, I had no idea that there was even an option to stop relaxing my hair. Since I can remember I have never liked relaxing my hair I never EVER  liked going to a salon and getting my hair done because once I walked in I knew I was not going to come out alive until 4 1/2 hours later, yes it ALWAYS took that long. I have no memory of me having curly hair as a child because since I can remember my mother has always given me relaxers or has always put my hair in rollers. I have pictures of my ...