The big question...why did I want to transition? This is a big deal even though it may not seem that way. The reason why you want to transition can help you stick out your transitioning journey. The reason I am personally transitioning is because I was sick and tired of trying to be something that I am not. I was not born with long straight hair, and when I was a child I hated my hair. Then in middle school I got a relaxer and I finally felt excepted. I got comments from friends saying "Wow, your hair looks really nice" and boys who would say "I like your hair a lot better that way". I finally felt like I belong. I go to a predominately white school so the few black girls that did go to my school felt like they had to go straight too. I have never really saw anyone with natural hair who rocked it and had confidence. Now since I am going natural I have started to get used to my hair being different from the girls at school, but I am glad that I am different. Another reason I wanted to transition was because my hair looked dead. I felt bad for my hair, which might sound crazy but I really was feeling awful for killing my hair. I am excited for my transition because I know when it is all over and done with I will be way happier than I have ever been! This is why I want to transition, and I want to hear about why you guys decided to transition! Or why you are afraid to transition so other girls and I can encourage you to get over your fears. Love you guys!