The Beginning

The Beginning

Hello everyone! I know this is an intro section. But let me tell you a little about how my natural journey began. It started the spring 2007, I was stressed going through a divorce and at the same time my hair was coming out due to the stress and depression I was experiencing. In the spring that year I cut my hair myself because the front and back or my hair was long past my shoulder blade. The crown and sides was the sections that was falling out. In the summer I decided to go to a pro about my hair problem, let me also state I was putting perms in my hair once every other month, I go to a hair salon to get some curls in my hair. I didn't have much new growth so she still put it in my hair and each time I would see her she would cut the permed sections until the ends completely curled up. When fall came around that year I stopped putting the curling chemicals in my hair and just used water and hair grease in my hair because it was still short and bushy when I stopped. By the time 2008 came that summer I had a nice size curly bush that I can put it a ponytail no chemicals just grease and water for 1 year. But that is not enough of moisturizer because during the weather changes I go through seasonal alopecia and eczema. This year 2014 still no chemicals just All Natural and my hair is dry and brittle normally it will go back to its normal state fluffy and curly and moist no matter what type of moisture. But this time no. It's gotten to a point when I comb my fingers through my hair hair comes out in my hand so I'm giving this challenge a try to see the difference in length and moister in my hair and scalp. My current length as of 6/14/14 is 9 inches. Let's see how long it will grow.  

Day 1 and Day 2

2 years ago

Saturday there was no doubt that I was going to church instead of staying home where the community was having a block party. Attending church is a party by itself. So I gave myself a special treatment to sooth the crown section of my scalp. I'm still in the middle of my seasonal alopecia issue. But it was also day 1 when I started to use the Dark and lovely AuNatueral products. So I brought the anti breakage super softening hair butter and the anti shrinkage coil moisturizing soufflé. After I washed my hair I put the anti breakage butter in my hairi like the thickness of the cream but it's ...