Saturday there was no doubt that I was going to church instead of staying home where the community was having a block party. Attending church is a party by itself. So I gave myself a special treatment to sooth the crown section of my scalp. I'm still in the middle of my seasonal alopecia issue. But it was also day 1 when I started to use the Dark and lovely AuNatueral products. So I brought the anti breakage super softening hair butter and the anti shrinkage coil moisturizing soufflé. After I washed my hair I put the anti breakage butter in my hairi like the thickness of the cream but it's too dry for my hair it didn't give that shine I was looking for. But once my hair gotten half way dry I put the anti shrinkage soufflé in it smells really good. Once my hair was completely dry it was shining and the moisture stayed in my hair until night time. But the big plus about this soufflé cream was that I can run my fingers through my hair. Day 2 when I woke up my hair was completely dry but I can still run my fingers through my hair. I added the softening butter and the soufflé in May hair. Tonight I'm putting my hair in a night protective style and using a satin scarf to tie it.. Since I started my natural journey 8 yrs ago, I don't put my hair in a style because my scalp is in pain, I add moisturizer and let it air dry. Day 2 my scalp is still weak but I would put a lite style in my hair. Day 3 I start looking for a style that can last me a couple of days that I can keep because of my job and I'm a heavy sweater at work. Day 3 we are checking out the crown and dryness of my hair after 8 hour sleep.