The Hair

The Hair

I'm a twenty something college grad who decided to take the plunge. I come from a blended background of Senegalese, Native American, Jamaican, and Irish. This blog will follow the challenges of dealing with the beast affectionately known as the Hair.

And That's About All Folks

2 years ago

     As the blogging contest season draws to a close, I look back on the past year.  It was a year I began one of the most important journeys in my life.  A journey that isn't over yet.  The temptation to pick up the scissors and be done with it is still quite prevalent.  The only thing stopping me is the subsequent horror of my family and potential employers.  For all I know, I'd look adorable with a twa, but I made a promise and I'm going to keep it.  I'm still experimenting these days and have stumbled upon a new method, the tightly curly ...

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How It All Began

3 years ago

    It began with a question.  "Why can't your hair stay that way all the...