Ack!  There is nothing I dread more than tangles.  When I was a kid (in my pre-pressing days), my mother used to comb my hair from the roots down. Talk about ouch. The neighbors thought she was beating me because I screamed, yelped and cried a great deal.  My moment of freedom came when I was fourteen and I learned to detangle my own hair in the shower.  For years after that I never worried about tangles.  Then, I decided to go natural.  It was fine for the first few months but then it became a whole different ball game.  My tangles had tangles. I finally found the right conditioner for my hair, but detangling was still a chore.  I'd have to finger comb my hair first and then use a wide-toothed not the vision.  I scoured the internet for any tips I could find.  The only thing that seemed to help was time.  As my layers grew, the tangles were less of a menace.  Of course I had to do the unthinkable.  I trimmed my hair which I've done before; however, this time I forgot to use the proper technique.  Some of my curls ended up shorter than I wanted, and now the tangles are back and taking no prisoners.  The shorter strands stick to each other like Velcro no matter how much conditioner I use.  Finally, I had to chuck the wide-toothed comb step and just use my fingers.  It's tough but it's a bit less painful.  Only time will tell if the tangles hit the depot anytime soon and leave me in peace.

    I passed my nine month mark a couple of weeks ago, and to be honest I feel like a child sometimes.  I'm having to figure things out about my hair all over again.  I'm rather excited about the beautiful curls covering my head right now.  I'm having a little trouble being patient though.  I thought my curls would have stretched out some more by now.  My one year plan is looking more like a one and a half plus plan.  My hair stays at bob length...not because it's not growing but because my curls are tighter than Scrooge McDuck's grip on money.  I want to do more with my hair but I can't until it grows out of this awkward stage.  If I didn't think they would tighten up more without the additional hair I would be rocking a pixie right now.  I'm so over this!  Sorry, I don't mean to whine.  I just wish the progress was more noticeable.  I bought a flower clip to stick in my hair for a lil extra umph.  I'm hoping it'll make the wait a bit more bearable.  My confidence is crazy these days.  I feel more sure of myself and I think it's mostly because of the Hair.  I feel more like myself, which feels good.  That and prayer are the only things getting me through my transitioning period right about now.  The weird part is I don't miss the silky straightness.  I just can't wait for the world (and me) to see the 7-8 inch 3b curls in all their glory.  Well hopefully they'll be closer to 10-12 inches when I finally do the famous chop.  To all my other transitioning curlies out there...remember that the best is yet to come :)