I've heard a lot of negative things about Shea Moisture's Curl Souffle. Most curlies have probably steered clear of it due to the polarizing reviews the product has received.  When I first heard of it, it was a new product and nobody seemed to be raving about it.  So I did what anyone might do.  I decided to wait and see. Instead of being hailed as a wonderful styling solution like most of the Shea Moisture line, it was grossly underestimated and written off as a waste of money and good hair days.  For a while I listened to this onslaught of negative reaction.  Then about three weeks ago I ran out of my Curl Enhancing Smoothie.  My hair had been acting up anyway, so I was looking for another product. That was when I came upon a review that changed my life.  A brave natural blogger had retried the souffle and deemed it the best product she'd ever used.  She speculated that the negative reviews were from users who hadn't used the product properly.  They'd just globbed it on like it was going out of style.
    I tell you friends. The best decision I've made since my journey began...aside from switching to formaldehyde-free products was buying the Curl Souffle.  I read the Very detailed instructions and presto change-o my hair turned out pretty good.  I'd had to seal my hair with coconut oil with the smoothie to keep it from frizzing out.  The souffle was a totally different story.  All I needed was the product itself and a very small amount of that.  My curls elongated more bringing my heretofore ear-length bob down to almost shoulder length.  I loved it.  My hair was shiny and dried into soft curls versus crunchy ones.  Also, I had to go back to using my wide-toothed comb to detangle instead of just using my fingers.  My hair thanked me by behaving a lot better.  It's still not quite how I want it to be but at least I have guaranteed good hair days.  My definition is outta sight, and I love the smell.  Even my ever skeptic mother likes the way my hair looks these days, which if you've been following my posts is definitely a miracle. 

I'm still trying to figure out how to upload pics into my blog, so hopefully I can share the results of my experimentation. As always my fellow transitioners and fully naturals...Happy Experimenting and stay tuned for more hair adventures!