That is the question I've asked myself time and time again these past few months.  I tried individual twists about five months into my natural journey.  They turned out okayish, but the ends were straight.  Being the perseverer that I am I tried it again...and again using different methods every time from chunky twists to flat twists.  The most important thing these styles had in common for me was that they all failed.  I felt like I'd failed as a transitioner.  I'd seen so many pics and read so many articles about other transitioners and naturals who turned to two-strand twisting as their go-to style in order to protect their hair or blend two textures.  I was half expecting the natural police to revoke my future naturalista card.  I know I know protective styles may not work for everyone, but without them I almost felt as if I didn't belong.  I was a one-trick pony...all I could do was a standard wash-n-go.  The only thing I ever changed was my part.  I'm about ten and a half months into my transition, and I've been wearing a wash-n-go the whole time.

    Then just last week the worst happened.  I got bored with a capital B-O-R-E-D.  I felt like grabbing a pair of scissors and going to town.  I know what you're thinking, "Put down the hair shears, girl, and walk away."  I tell y'all I almost snapped.  My only saving grace was that I decided to try the flat twists again.  It didn't go well and I was forced to wear it in a ponytail, but it was different at least.  I just had to do sunnen different to my hair or I was gonna go nuts.  I literally almost broke my promise to my bff and big chopped early just to wear a different style.  After the twist fiasco (was so not lovin the look thanks to frizzed out edges), I decided to style my hair in a half up/ half down style while it was still wet.  The results were great.  My edges curled perfectly with little wispy curls that make you smile.  I tell you I've got the styling bug again.  I'm still disappointed over the twists, but I'm going to try a french twist with a twist this week, which is basically a french twist with the ends left out.  I would so love to show y'all the results, but I still can't figure out how to upload the pics to my blog...lame I know.  Maybe I'll get it figured out for my next blog.  Wish me luck, curlistas!